Right now I’m taking a break from posting weddings and engagement photos, so I think it’s time to share some photos from our recent trip to Paris for our one year anniversary in May. What better timing since it’s Bastille Day?!

I also think it’s time I share something more personal about how I got into photography. Since I began my photography business, a lot of friends from my hometown and college have asked me where my newfound passion started since they never knew this side of me. The truth is, I always THOUGHT about photography, but never thought I could actually become a “photographer.” Photographers had studios and fancy lighting set-ups and white backdrops. I was always the girl with a point and shoot camera (thanks mom and dad for all of them since I ruined like 5!) trying to replicate the images I composed in my head.

I bought my first advanced camera in 2015 before going on my first trip to Europe. I wanted a way to capture the beautiful sights I knew I would see in Germany and Austria. Traveling was the major catalyst for my pursuit of photography, so it is only natural to share my latest images from Europe with you. Besides, Paris made an easy subject!

We only had four-and-a-half days in Paris, but we made every minute count! It was my first time to Paris, so we hit a lot of the highlights but slowed down enough to enjoy a nice rosé or beer in between activities to really take in the city. We stayed at the Saint James Paris and I cannot recommend it enough. It’s a chateau where Paris’ hot-air balloons once launched.  We ate at so many amazing restaurants, saw some beautiful art and architecture, and met some really welcoming people along the way. This trip was definitely a dream that I will remember for years to come!

Also, a shout out to my amazing husband for helping me lug around both a film and digital camera (and extra lenses and a light meter…) on every trip we go on and for being so patient as I take my fifth photo of something to get the light just right. He is my number one fan and supporter as I pursue my dream!