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I'm glad you're here

I'm a wedding and family photographer based in Charlotte, NC and am available for travel worldwide.

I'm married to Vince and we are very passionate about traveling and finding adventure both near and far. In fact, documenting our travels was a major catalyst for me to finally learn how to use a camera in the first place. Some of our favorite trips have been to Italy, South Africa, Germany, and Paris. I'm also a new mom to our wonderful daughter, Eloise. When I'm not photographing couples or families you can find me raising an adventurous one year old, cooking Italian food with Vince, loving on our pup, Wallace the Westie, or enjoying a glass of rosé with good friends.

I believe every couple has a unique story to tell as you take this next step in life. I want to get to know your story and give life to it in a tangible form that will last for years to come. I utilize both medium-format film and digital photography to capture your portrait session or wedding day because I believe the timeless aesthetic of film will transcend trends and stand the test of time. I take a documentary-style approach to my photography, which means I use a combination of natural posing and candid moments to show the authentic side of the two of you. I am passionate about bringing beauty to the subtle, otherwise ordinary moments that can be easily missed.


The Past is Prologue

William Shakespeare, The Tempest

Outside of the National Archives in DC is a statue bearing Shakespeare’s quote from the Tempest. Seeing this quote often makes me think of how all of our past decisions have shaped the very moment in which we find ourselves. Only now are we at the beginning of what is to come.

All of your yesterdays are prologue to your decision to become husband and wife. With that decision comes excitement, joy, and a lot of wedding planning. If you’re wondering how I made the leap from Shakespeare to weddings, it’s because your wedding day is the beginning of your lives together. One day it too will be prologue. I know it’s hard to imagine right now as you are busy planning your wedding, but some day, one of the only physical reminders you will have of your wedding are the photos.

I believe in timeless wedding photos that will still look good framed in your home in years to come. I believe in photographs that live outside of your hard drive and cloud and on display on your walls and coffee tables. I believe in wedding albums that will serve as a reminder of the day you both felt the happiest on days when times are hard and your love needs rekindling.  Your wedding photos will live in the archives of your family history for years to come, and that’s really all that’s is important in the end.